Hi, I’m Rosie. I’m an addict. I'm 7 months sober.
I’m also a mom, wife, friend, yoga teacher, and massage therapist in-training. I'm not afraid to admit my faults and flaws, of which there appears to be an infinite supply.

I say “ok” now, when my daughters ask to play with me. In my using days, I would have ignored these requests to finish a glass of wine or swallow any pill that promised to make life easier. I chronicle my voyage through soberdom on this blog.

The prose with which I spin my stories is not for the faint-of-heart. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I’ve never been one for sugar-coating the truth. I know it’s my job to make people uncomfortable. To make them face hard truths about themselves. I like my job 💜

I’ve been a yoga teacher for 6 years - I’ve taught hungover and high. I’m not proud of those things but they make me more human. Only in my sobriety have I discovered what it truly means to listen to your body. Before that maybe I thought it was all bullshit. I guess we keep teaching what we need to learn until we finally get it ourselves.

I’m currently half-way through massage school. I will finish in March next year. I discovered my passion for writing when I had to write my first essay for school. I called it “The Other Redbox” and it’s the first entry on my blog. It was about me and my best friend (red wine) and how we finally peeled ourselves apart. And in doing that, I discovered everything I ever wanted was on the other side of the fear that kept us hemmed together.

Everybody has their demons. My hope is to inspire people to share their own stories with the people worthy of hearing them. To foster healing and growth. And to recover NOT in a dark closet, but out in the great wide open spaces; for everyone to see and hear and be a part of.